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The popularity of wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) devices such as laptops, smartphones, video game consoles, and tablets has made Wi-Fi commonplace in homes and businesses.

Where you place your Wi-Fi equipment impacts the strength of your network. Here are some guidelines to maximize your Wi-Fi experience:

  • Put your Wi-Fi equipment near the center of your home

Wi-Fi equipment sends signals in every direction so placing it in the center of your house will maximize the signal.

  • Lift your Wi-Fi equipment up off the ground

To maximize the signal it’s best to elevate your Wi-Fi equipment at least a few feet. Tables and bookshelves are ideal.

  • Place your Wi-Fi equipment in a room where you often use the Internet
  • Keep your Wi-Fi equipment in the open

Radio waves travel best through open air.

  • Position the antennas vertically

Vertical antennas will cover more of your home.

  • Whenever possible, avoid placing the Wi-Fi equipment near sources of interference

Wi-Fi uses the same frequencies as many common household devices:


Cordless phones

Baby monitors

Garage door openers

Treadmills/exercise equipment

Household electrical miswires may cause other plugged-in devices to cause interference.

  • If necessary, purchase equipment to enhance signal strength

Range extenders, boosters or access points may be purchased from any major electronics retailer. Examples of reputable brands include: Linksys, DLink, Netgear and Cisco.


Our technical support team will be happy to offer advice and instruction if you need to purchase additional equipment.

If you have any other questions please call our technical support team at 1-800-224-3308.

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