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With Nsight as your home phone provider, you’ll have clear connections and affordable access to everyone on your must-call list. And, if you need them, emergency responders will find you easily when you call from a landline. As a landline provider, we offer you offer a secure, always-there-when-you-need-it connection.

Your Best Phone Plan

Our phone plan is a real conversation starter.

Nsight’s phone plan offers a monthly bill that make it easy to budget. Bonus—there are no contracts to sign!

Cellcom Phone

Unlimited Long Distance
  • When you package home phone and internet through Nsight, you get our Unlimited Long Distance plan.
  • It’s a deal worth discussing!

Our Unlimited Long Distance plan comes with extras you’ll love.

Unlimited local and nationwide calling is just the beginning when you choose Nsight as your home phone provider. You’ll love these features and more:

Our Best Phone Plan Gets Even Better

  • Caller ID with name: See the caller’s name and number before you answer.
  • Call waiting: Get calls, even when you’re using the phone.
  • 3-way calling: Talk to two other people at the same time.
  • Call forwarding: Have calls forwarded to another number if your line is busy or you’re unable to answer.
  • Simultaneous ring: All your phones will ring at the same time.
  • Selective calls: Program your phone to accept calls you choose and reject those you don’t want.
  • Distinctive ring: Program individual ring tones on your home phone so you’ll know which of your pre-programmed callers is on the line.

All these features will have you saying yes to this plan!

Hello clear. Goodbye crackle.

Hang up on Unreliable Home Phone Companies

Because most areas still deliver phone service through analog lines, we don’t rely on an internet protocol to bring you local and long-distance service. So, if you lose internet connection, you still have a phone! So, keep making those important phone calls!

Clear service. There when you need it.

Lifeline: Here When You Need Us

Everyone needs access to friends, relatives and, especially, emergency services, but not everyone can afford it. We’re a telephone company that’s here to help. We offer low-income assistance for home phone service.

We’re Ready to Talk

See what makes us one of the best home phone providers.

If you’re looking for a home phone provider that delivers reliable, affordable connections across the United States, we want to hear from you!

Contact us to Get Started

A Telephone Company That Keeps You Connected

Pair your home phone service with high-speed internet, NsightTV, a streaming service and more.

We’re more than a home phone provider. Ask us about NsightTV and our high-speed internet services. We’re there for you whether you stream, game or just want to be entertained with the most popular shows and premium channels.