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About us

Meeting Customer Demand With Personalized Care

Meeting the needs of our customers through one-on-one contact is our top priority and has been the heart of our organization since its inception. As a major telecommunications entity in the upper Midwest, we owe our success to our focus on meeting the changing demands of our customers and establishing trusting relationships through extraordinary customer service.

Our History


Nsight’s history dates to March 10, 1910, when a group of Pulaski’s business people met at the local drug store. That meeting marked the beginning of the Pulaski Merchants & Farmers Telephone Company.


Nsight has remained a family-run business since 1923, when the Riordan family purchased controlling interest in the company and Daniel E. Riordan was elected to the board of directors. His wife, Florence B. Riordan, became involved in day-to-day operations and was elected to the board in 1924. Today members of the third and fourth generations of the family continue to steward the traditions and values of the company’s early years and founders.

For the first 70 years of business, the primary focus was on providing high-quality local telephone service. The company gradually expanded its footprint and added services, including cable TV in 1982 and internet in 1994, to meet consumers’ evolving needs. These services are still offered by Nsight Telservices today.


In 1987, Cellcom was launched as a subsidiary and became the first company to provide cellular telephone service to Brown County. Deciding to take an early step into wireless telephony would prove to be a significant investment in the company’s future. 


In 1998, the portion of the company now known as Nsight Tower was acquired to build and maintain cell structures as the company continued to grow its wireless network. With fiber being installed to cell sites to accommodate growing traffic, Nsight Telservices also expanded its focus to leverage the fiber network and offer connectivity solutions to enterprise customers throughout the Cellcom footprint.


In 2009, the first Glas coffeehouse was opened as a venture for Cellcom in select markets. Glas serves as a community gathering place and offers the Nsight family of companies a unique way to continually connect with its customers. An attitude of service to its local communities is a strong part of Nsight’s culture.

Meeting the needs of customers in a personalized manner is the company’s top priority and has been at the heart of the organization since its humble beginning in 1910. Consistently delivering extraordinary customer care is not only the blueprint for Nsight’s success, but the foundation for its future.