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PayNow Moblie

How to pay your bill using PayNow


How do I pay my bill without logging in?

Below are instructions on how to pay your bill using PayNow.

1.. Go to the SmartHub PayNow page:


2. Enter in your Account Number and Last Name (or Business Name). Click

*Note: Last Name or Business Name must be typed in exactly as it appears on your bill.

Pay Now Main Screen

3. Select the checkbox next to Account you want to pay, enter the Payment Amount, then click Pay Now.

Pay Now Payment Amount

4. Confirm your payment amount. Click Continue.

Pay Your Bill With PayNow Continue Payment

5. Select your Payment Method. Click Continue.

Pay Your Bill With PayNow Payment Method

6. Enter your Payment Information. Click Continue.

PayNow Payment Information

7. On the next screen, confirm your payment details. Then click Submit.

PayNow Submit Payment

For other support documentation visit or call 800-826-5215