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Home Phone Voice Features

Nsight Home Phone Features

Features to complement your lifestyle

Get what you need out of your voice service. As a local home phone provider, Nsight offers a variety of voice features to make connecting even easier.

Home Phone Voice Features

Automatic Callback – Automatically redials a busy station and rings your line when the line is available.

Automatic Recall – Automatically dials the last number that called you.

Call Waiting – Receive a call while you are on the phone.

Cancel Call Waiting – Prevent a call from interrupting you while you are on the phone.

Call Forward – Forward your phone number to another phone number.

Call Forward No Answer – Forward your calls to another number after two to nine rings.

Call Forward Busy – Forward your calls to another number if your line is busy.

Call Forward Remote Access – Turn on, turn off or change your call forward settings.

Caller ID Name/Number – See the name and number of calling party before you answer.

Call Waiting ID – See the name and number of the person calling you even when you are already on the phone.

3-Way Calling – Talk to two other people at the same time.

Distinctive Ringing – Make a list of callers by using a special ring to announce calls from any of the numbers designated.

Selective Call Acceptance – Program your phone to accept calls only from a list of people you choose.

Selective Call Forwarding – Forward only calls from a special list of numbers to another number.

Selective Call Rejection – Program your phone to reject calls from any number you place in your rejection list.

Speed Calling Short – Pre-program up to eight numbers in a speed-calling list.

Speed Calling Long – Pre-program up to 30 numbers that you frequently call in a speed-calling list.

Warm Line – Automatically dial a number you have selected if your telephone is off the hook for more than 30 seconds without making a call.

Multi-ring – Have up to three other phone numbers ring when someone dials your main number. Note: When adding cellular numbers be sure to include area code.

Toll Denial – This free service allows you to block long-distance calls from being made from your telephone.

900 Blocking – This free service blocks 900 calls from being made from your telephone.

Unpublished Number – Stop your phone number from being published in a telephone directory or in directory assistance.

Unlisted Number – Stop your phone number from being published in a telephone directory, but it is listed in directory assistance.

ECC Detailed Billing Option – For a fee per month, you can receive a billing statement that shows the detail for every ECC call you make. For no charge, we offer a bulk billing statement that provides a summary of your ECC calls for a month.


Features may vary depending on your location. Contact an Nsight sales representative for complete details: (800) 826-5215.