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Email Server Settings

Email Settings

Adding Your Nsight Email Address to Devices

We often get asked what information is needed when adding an Nsight email address to phones, computers and tablets.

In most cases, you will need the email server settings provided below, as well as your full email address and email password.

You can access your email anytime at or add to your device with easy email setup.

Incoming Mail

1. IMAP protocol

2. Server address:

3. Encryption: SSL (Required)

4. Port: 993

Outgoing Mail

1. Server Address:

2. Encryption: SSL or TLS (Required)

3. Port: 465 (SSL) or 587 (TLS)

Requires Username/Password Authentication. Place a checkmark or select Yes if prompted.

1. Display Name: Your Name

1.1. Example: Joe Smith

2. User Name: Full Email Address

2.1. Example: (Your_Email_Address@Domain)

3. Password: Your email password

3.1. Example: Nsight#5678