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You rely on every piece of your technology to deliver the best care.

Put your trust in us.

Issues with hardware or software can wreak havoc on your carefully planned schedule and cause undue stress, for you and your patients. And, of course, data security is crucial. A breach can compromise sensitive patient information and ruin your reputation. When you choose Nsight for dental IT services, you’ll get a partner that delivers the most affordable tech services with experts who live and breathe dental IT technology.

Dental IT Hardware

You have invested heavily in dental technology hardware, from panoramic X-ray machines to intraoral sensors and cameras. You need an IT integrator that makes sure your solutions are up for the task. We make certain your equipment and computer hardware integrate seamlessly and securely, so your practice can focus more on serving patients and worry less about technology issues or security breaches.

Dental Software

Every piece of data you rely on—from patient records to patient billing—is tucked away in your practice management and imaging software. When updates are needed or issues arise, does your staff find themselves waiting on hold with software support? Or, taking time away from more pressing tasks to perform updates? Hang up on tech support and contact Nsight. We have firsthand experience and know-how when it comes to most major practice management software, including:

Whether you simply need dental IT support or are looking to convert to new software, we’re your team.

Whether you simply need dental IT support or are looking to convert to new software, we’re your team.

Data Security

Your data is your business.

Your data is your business. If your data is at risk, your business is at risk.  Security is more than having antivirus software and a firewall. Nsight has security expertise to help with cost-effective, practical solutions that will give you peace of mind.

So, when you ask, “What would we do in a disaster?” know that we will be there with an answer. We not only ensure your data is backed up, but we walk you through exactly what needs to be done in the event of a disaster to get your practice up and running as quickly as possible.


Networking Solutions

It doesn’t matter how much you invest in the best hardware and software—if your information is running across a slow, outdated, unsecure network, you and your staff will find it difficult to keep up with practice demands. We know networks because we own and manage the most robust network in Northeast Wisconsin. And because we do so much more than dental IT services, you can feel confident that we’ll keep your network performing its best. Whether you have a local server running your office’s database or you’re connected to the cloud, we’ll make sure you can access and retrieve files quickly and securely.

Partner with a Local Dental IT Support Company

As a managed IT provider, we can free your schedule of worry. We’re more than a break-fix company. We won’t walk away when the problem is solved. Rather, we’re your tech partner, here to answer questions and give you fully customized dental IT services to match your practice’s needs. And the best part? We’re live and local. So, when you call, we’re answering right from Northeast Wisconsin. Who knows—the person who answers might even be one of your patients!