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Maroszek and VanZeeland Receive Ray J. Riordan, Sr. Scholarships

May 21, 2024

Pulaski, WI (May 21, 2024) – Nsight Telservices is proud to announce Pulaski High School seniors Dahlia Maroszek and Sam VanZeeland as the recipients of the 2024 Ray J. Riordan, Sr. Scholarship. Each student was awarded a $750 scholarship.

The Ray J. Riordan, Sr. Scholarship was established in 1989 to recognize a Pulaski High School senior who serves as an editor for the Pulaski News. The Pulaski News is the oldest student-run community newspaper in the United States. Ray J. Riordan, Sr. served as an editor for the Tricopa, a community paper that preceded the Pulaski News.  Ray was the son of Daniel and Florence Riordan, the first generation of the Riordan family to be involved in the telephone company.

The scholarship recipients are selected for their exceptional work as editors at the Pulaski News.

“Throughout its rich history The Pulaski News has received fresh energy and new perspective from its student reporters and editors. Their dedication, enthusiasm and work ethic has been demonstrated during their time at The Pulaski News and those qualities will serve them well as they move on in their post-secondary education. Nsight Telservices is proud to offer our support and we wish Dahlia and Sam the best in their future endeavors,” said Cindy Durand, Senior Director of Marketing Communications at Nsight.