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Nsight Telservices to Deliver Gigabit Speed Fiber Internet to Town of Pittsfield

February 15, 2023

Pittsfield, WI (February 15, 2023) – Residents in the Town of Pittsfield will soon have access to fiber internet service. The town board recently entered into a project agreement with Nsight Telservices to deliver fiber internet to more than 1,000 addresses in the village. With fiber optic speed options from 300 Mbps up to a gigabit, the project will address the growing need for fast, reliable internet.

“Fast internet is a necessity. With so much grant funding available, the town board kicked off our efforts last March to bring faster internet to our residents. This allowed us to gather proposals and educate ourselves on what it may take to bring increased speeds to our residents,” said Keith Deneys, chairman of the Pittsfield town board. “Nsight Telservices has the experience and knowledge to meet the needs of our community and we look forward to working together on this project.”

The Town of Pittsfield has committed $275,000 to the project, primarily federal grant funds from American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). Nsight Telservices and the town will partner to seek additional grant funding to further support the project.

“Nsight Telservices is committed to serving rural areas and providing communities with the latest technological advances. Public-private partnerships are important to the success of building out rural areas and are advantageous for grant applications. We’re grateful for the support from the village and look forward to bringing fiber to the residents of Pittsfield,” said Brighid Riordan, CEO of Nsight Telservices.

Fiber internet offers faster speeds, more bandwidth and improved reliability. Because the technology is scalable to deliver faster speeds as internet use-cases evolve, it’s considered future-proof. The increased bandwidth can support more devices at one time, including multiple devices streaming or video conferencing simultaneously. Reliability keeps smart-home devices like security cameras, thermostats and more running around the clock. Nsight Telservices will also provide equal upload and download capabilities. These symmetrical speeds are a major benefit for large uploads, smooth video calls or hosting live-streaming feeds.

Project planning has begun and Nsight Telservices plans to start construction in 2024. Ongoing updates will be available at