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988 Short-Dial for National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

July 12, 2022

Call and Text Support Available

Calling or texting 988 will connect individuals to the National Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Crisis Lifeline. Counselors will listen, provide support, and connect individuals to additional resources if necessary.

  • Texting does not work from a landline device.
  • Texting does not support multimedia messages (MMS), including pictures and videos. Including these items will cause message failure. Users should only include text in the body of their text messages to 988. Some devices convert messages longer than 160 characters to MMS, which could also cause the message to fail.
  • There is no charge to utilize this service, however the device needs to have an active plan and will not work on a disconnected phone. 
  • This is a nationwide number that will work regardless of your provider.
  • The toll-free number 1-800-273-TALK remains available in addition to the short dial code.

Share this short-dial number with your family, friends and networks to help increase awareness about this resource and help make 988 as memorable as 911 for people in need of critical suicide prevention and mental health support. For more about the Lifeline, people can visit