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DELAYED – Brief Interruption to Phone Service for Nsight Telservices Customers in Manitowoc County

January 11, 2022

1/12/22: We’ve encountered a technical delay with the upgrade that was planned for January 26 that will impact phone service for Nsight Telservices customers in Manitowoc County. The upgrade and related impact to phone service will not take place on January 26. A new date will be sent out when it is available. We apologize for the change in information and will supply the date of impact as soon as possible.

On January 26, Nsight Teleservices customers in Manitowoc County will experience a brief interruption to phone service, including the ability to dial 911, while equipment is upgraded.

Phone service will be impacted for approximately one hour with the interruption planned shortly after midnight. Customers will lose dial tone when the upgrade begins, and it will return when it is complete, indicating that service is restored and calls can resume.

Nsight Telservices customers should plan to use a cell phone for calls, including reaching 911 during this time. Customers without a cell phone are encouraged to make a back-up plan for emergency calls during this time. Manitowoc County Emergency Services Department advises identifying a nearby neighbor within walking or driving distance, staying with a relative or friend or borrowing a cellular device from someone for this time window.  Questions can be directed to Nsight Telservices customer care at 800-826-5215.