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Panasonic Phone Systems

July 22, 2020

Panasonic Phone Systems

Are you working from home? Keep your business connected with a Panasonic phone system!

Seamless Connection as PBX Extension

The employee’s smartphone can be registered as a company extension number with the Mobile Softphone application. It enables flexible audio and video calls in/out of offices without using their private phone number

Media Relay Gateway (MRG)

allows you to take an IP phone from a desk at work and use this IP Phone at home. The extension number stays the same.

IP Softphone

replace a desk phone with the same features and functions available, plus it includes options such as built-in conversation recording.  The latest IP Softphone also supports headset controllers from manufacturers such as Plantronics®, Jabra® and Sennheiser.

Push Notification

Push notification informs you of incoming calls without having to start up an application. Since the application does not need to be constantly running, your smartphone battery lasts longer.


Mobile Softphone

The application allows employees to use their smartphones as an extension located anywhere.  Both audio calls and video calls can be made, again leveraging the built-in MRG

To help during this difficult time, we’re offering to customers a 5-user Mobile Softphone license (KX-UCMA005W) for their KX-NS/NSX series servers at no cost.

Let us know how we can help you effectively use your Panasonic KX-NS700/700G/NS1000 or KX-NSX2000 phone system to work from home or from anywhere.  We are here to help.