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Historic Preservation Award

October 25, 2019

Historic Preservation Nsight

The Nsight family of companies was awarded the Historic Preservation Award from the Pulaski Area Historical Society this year. The award was presented in recognition and appreciation of the time, dedication and commitment to preserving ‘the old house’, as we call it. The award is presented annually to a person or entity in the Pulaski area that has taken steps to preserve local heritage.

The old house, located at 110 E. Pulaski St.,was originally built in 1895 as a private residence and stands as the oldest residential building in Pulaski today. Since 1925 it has been a part of the Nsight family of companies, serving as company headquarters until 1960. This year the old house was redecorated to resemble living quarters from the 1920’s as tribute to the early years of Nsight.

Photo from the early years: