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5 Reasons Your Business Should Go Paperless

October 24, 2018

Paperless Bill

In today’s digital age going paperless is easier than ever. When you run a business you’re probably looking for every possible way to streamline operations and cut costs. There are many benefits to going paperless and signing up for autopay. You can accomplish this will Ebill through Smarthub.

1. Eliminate Late Payments

By signing up for autopay, you can don’t have to wait for paper bills in the mail. Receive notifications when your bill is ready!

2. Reduce Clutter

Online billing means no influx of mail. Sorting through stacks of mail might take hours! You can opt out of receiving paper bills.

3. Improve Security and Accessibility

With Ebill you have access to your account at your fingertips. Review your bills up to 12 months prior. Viewing your statement online using secure credentials adds privacy and security to your billing. You can even contact Nsight Telservices customer care and technical support from within Smarthub

4. Be More Productive

Don’t rely on paper copies for important documentation and reduce the chance for human error. Document sharing is made easy when you use online billing. You can even reduce wasted hours spent by employees processing paper documents. Transfer the knowledge among your employees!

5. Save the Environment!

Less paper means destroying fewer trees and less waste. You can reduce your carbon footprint by just a few clicks. Contact us for more info.