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Evaluating Educational Apps for Kids

February 24, 2018

Educational Apps

Kids are getting online at a younger age than ever and the number of apps and websites available for the younger demographic is astounding. But how can you tell if a child app or website is actually good for learning? Here are a few tips from Common Sense Media to help you evaluate the value of that educational app:

  • What age is it targeted to? Choosing apps and websites that are designed for your child’s age and developmental stage is a great starting point.
  • Does it focus on something your child needs to learn? Whether it’s an academic subject like reading or math or an app that encourages skill development like creativity or logical thinking, evaluate where you may want your child to expand their knowledge or abilities.
  • Is your kid interested in it? Your child may be more open to a fun learning game if it’s something that appeals to them. Learning apps come in themes ranging from their favorite shows to their favorite animals. Let them provide some input!
  • How are the reviews? Thoroughly read the reviews and description of an app or visit a neutral review site (like Common Sense Media) to help you determine if the app is designed for what you’re looking for and if it’s meeting the needs of other parents.

At a young age fostering curiosity and supporting critical thinking is important and apps are a great way to encourage these behaviors.