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Telephone / VoIP / SIP Systems can assist with all the hustle and bustle of today’s business to keep your office running smoothly. Ensure quality service with PanasonicTM equipment. Do you have equipment from another manufacturer? Don’t worry! We can maintain or upgrade your current system no matter who the manufacturer may be and if we are unable to service your system, the visit is FREE.

Voice Mail / Auto Attendant Systems from Panasonic and Avaya make sure your customers’ phone messages and calls never get lost, misplaced, or mishandled and, with the use of a smart phone, your voicemail messages can be converted and sent to your phone to allow the message to be in the palm of your hand.

Wireless Communication Equipment will provide you much-needed mobility. You’ll always be in touch around your office or shop. Cordless headsets, phones and conference phones are just a few of the wireless options Nsight Telservices can provide.

Building Paging Systems let you reach anyone in your building, even in those hard-to-hear areas. Our systems are fully integrated into your phone system so with a touch of a button you will be connected to your entire location.

Music / Message on Hold allows you to continuously play a recording while your customer is on hold. You can either select from a pre-recorded message or record your own. This works great if you want to advertise products or services to your customers while they are on hold.

Battery Back-up System will keep your business going even during a power outage or a power surge which can damage your system.

Fax Jack lowers your monthly cost by enabling you to use one telephone for both faxes and voice phone calls, switching automatically between the two.

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