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Whole Home DVR

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What is Whole-Home DVR?

Whole-Home DVR allows you to record and watch your shows from any Set-Top Box in your house that is connected to your home network.


With Whole-Home DVR you can:

  • Record and manage your favorite shows from any TV.
  • Pause your recorded show in one room and pick up where you left off in another. From your DVR box, you can pause and rewind LIVE TV. From any box connected, you can pause and rewind recorded programs.
  • Record up to 2 shows and play back an already recorded program simultaneously.
  • Store up to 500 hours of SD content, 165-180 hours of HD content, or some combination of each.

Whole Home Wifi

To Record Shows

Step 1: Navigate to the show you would like to record.

Choose Show

Step 2: Press the REC button at the top of the remote.

Record a program

Step 3: If conflicts are present, use the UP or DOWN ARROW buttons to highlight conflicts. Press OK/SEL button to change schedule priority.

DVR Conflicts

Accessing Recorded Shows

Step 1: Press the Menu button on your remote control.

TV Guide

Step 2: Use the LEFT or RIGHT ARROW buttons to highlight DVR.


Step 3: Press the OK/SEL button on your remote control to select DVR.

View Recordings

Step 4: Use this menu for all DVR-related functions including viewing and erasing recordings. Use RIGHT ARROW button to navigate to list of shows, then UP or DOWN ARROW buttons to navigate through recorded shows. ***Note: ‘Blue House’ icon indicates that recorded data is saved on DVR box.      

All Recordings

Step 5: If you attempt to record too many shows at once you will be prompted to make a decision. Use the OK/SEL button to watch, record, or change schedule priority.

***Note: A user on a DVR box can pause and rewind LIVE TV, however satellite boxes do not have this functionality.

Stop Recording