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Stingray Music Lineup Change

July 15, 2020

Stingray Music

With so many people streaming and tuning into music at home now more than ever, we want to deliver the best curated audio experiences that are relevant to our customers. For that reason, the names of a handful of our Stingray Music audio channels have been changed.

The channel programming will remain the same, along with the channel’s description, and only the names will change.

These changes are effective July 15th.

These changes will go live on July 15th:

  1. Urban Beats will become Hip-Hop/R&B
  2. Todays’ Latin Pop will become Éxitos del Momento
  3. Latino Tropical will become Éxitos Tropicales
  4. Latino Urbana will become Ritmos Latinos
  5. The Light will become Christian Pop & Rock
  6. Rock Alternative will become  Alternative

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