Support the Washington Island Fiber Application

On April 12, 2018, Governor Scott Walker announced that the Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC) will award approximately $7.0 million in broadband expansion grants in FY 2019 to underserved areas of the state to deploy broadband internet services.

Nsight Telservices submitted an application to partner with Washington Island Electric Cooperative to lay fiber along the bed of Lake Michigan channel between Northport Pier and Washington Island. This middle mile fiber project would improve the capacity of broadband service to the island. Once completed, this fiber connection will replace a limited capacity microwave link to Washington Island. Fiber has increasingly huge bandwidth because of the advances in optical design and laser technology, in addition to better speed, security, and reliability. Upon lighting of the new route, Nsight Telservices can offer download and upload speeds of 1Gbps to businesses and other residential internet service providers can lease space to improve service.

How can I help support this project?
As these broadband grants are being sought after for numerous areas across Wisconsin, we are asking for your help in supporting Nsight Telservices grant submission to bring fiber to Washington Island by submitting a comment to the PSC.

We suggest that your comment includes the following text (or simply copy and paste the information below into the comment box). Feel free to add any additional comments that would illustrate how faster or more reliable internet would help your family and/or business.

Project: Washington Island Fiber Application FY2019 Application

Internet service on Washington Island is currently inadequate. With Governor Walker’s declaration of a state of emergency to replace the electrical cable, Nsight Telservices has a unique opportunity to provide fiber to our area at the same time. This project will provide further opportunities for broadband improvement in our rural and underserved community.

Please click here to submit your comment supporting this project by August 7th, 2018.

For additional information about the Broadband Expansion Grant program, click here.