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Tower Locations - Abbotsford
NSight Site Name Abbotsford
NSight Tower ID 2
FCC Antenna Structure Registration Number (ASR) 1222355
FAA Aeronautical Study Number (ASN) 2004-AGL-991-OE
Street Address 1201 East Ash St.
Municipality Abbotsford
County Name, State Abbr. Marathon, WI
Latitude (D:M:S) 44.9403
Longitude (D:M:S) -90.3067
Rural/Metro Service Area (RSA/MSA) Wausau, WI MSA
Basic Trading Area (BTA) Wausau-Rhinelander, WI
Structure Type Guyed
Painting and Lighting Specifications Dual high catenary
Elevation of Site Above Mean Sea Level (ft AMSL) 1380
Overall Height Above Ground (ft AGL) 320
Overall Height Above Mean Sea Level (ft AMSL) 1700
Overall Height Above Ground w/o Appurtenances (ft AGL)
Approved Height (ft AGL) 320
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