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Voice Services

Voice Options.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur with only a few employees or a large, multi-location business, Nsight Telservices can provide the right voice services to support your business needs.

Business lines – Nsight Telservices offers telephone service to Krakow, Pulaski, Mill Center and Oneida.

Centrex – This PBX-like service offers many of the same features and applications that a premise-based phone system offers without the big start-up costs. Some standard features include conference calling, call transfer, hunting, call forwarding and 3-4 digit extension calling.

PRI (Primary Rate Interface) – Has 24 channels (23 B channels and 1 D channel) and are capable of transmitting up to 1.544 Mbps. They’re designed for PBXs, computer telephony and voice processing systems. “D” Channels signaling provides a powerful and flexible mechanism for call control, network management, security and other applications. A single number or a block of numbers (DID – direct inward dialing) can be assigned to the PRI. These numbers are not associated with any specific channel and can be used to dial directly to an extension.

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