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Promotions only available to new or qualified customers.

Termination: Nsight may terminate this Agreement in the event Customer has an overdue balance for two consecutive months. Customer may terminate this Agreement prior to the end of the Term by providing written notice to Nsight accompanied by payment of the applicable early termination fee listed in this section. The early termination fee is $100 per service.

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee: 
Guarantee is for service charges only. Installation is non-refundable.

Broadband Internet Services: All offers for Internet service list the “up to” maximum speed attainable. Actual speeds will fluctuate. Subject to geographic availability. 

TV Services: Nsight reserves the right to add, remove, and redesign programming at any time. Premium channel promotions — If the customer does not contact Nsight to modify the promotional premium channels, then premium channel services will automatically continue at then current premium channel rates. Digital TV may include outlets with offer. All existing outlets must be pre-wired and TV ready. All other equipment and services extra unless included in an offer. Whole House HD-DVR provides ability to home network when Whole House additional boxes ordered for an additional fee.

Equipment: Upon disconnecting service, based upon the service(s) you have with Nsight, an equipment charge of $150 per modem and up to $500 per Set Top Box will be charged to your account.  If you return the equipment within 30 days of the disconnection date, the equipment charge(s) will be credited to your account or a refund issued.  If the equipment is not returned within 30 days of the disconnection date, no credit or refund will be issued.

Installation: A one-time setup fee(s) associated with the Services shall include the following:

  1. Testing of existing customer wiring to each of the terminating Customer Premises Equipment (“CPE”) devices ordered.
  2. Installation of wiring or equipment to connect to the terminating CPE devices as defined by the Services descriptions as of the date this Agreement is signed.

Customer is required to have Nsight equipment in order to receive reliable delivery of Services. Nsight, in its sole discretion, may allow customer-owned equipment to be used with the Services. Installation does not include any other services unless agreed to by both Nsight and Customer and evidenced in writing. At a mutually agreeable date and time, Nsight shall install the Services at the Customer’s premises. Additional services requested or required by Customer are billed at a rate of up to $75 per hour plus cost of materials. Specialized networking services requested or required are charged at a rate of up to $125 per hour plus cost of materials.

All levels of service may not be available in all areas. Programming, pricing, terms and conditions are subject to change. Offer is non-transferrable.

Taxes, fees, equipment, DVR service and Whole Home DVR service extra fee.

All promotional offers require 12 month Agreement and credit qualification. At the end of promotional period(s) then-current price(s) will apply.

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