Denmark School District and Brown County Public Library Awarded for Expanding Bandwidth

Denmark, WI (November 17, 2016) - The Denmark School District and Brown County Library have been awarded the “Standing Up for Rural Wisconsin Award” for their cooperative effort to install fiber and increase bandwidth for both institutions. The award, presented annually by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, honors projects that demonstrate the great potential and collaborative spirit of rural Wisconsin.

This past summer the Denmark School District and Brown County Library worked with Nsight Telservices to overcome its slow internet challenges. With its state-of-the-art fiber network in proximity of the school, Nsight was able to engineer a custom solution to economically bring high-bandwidth service to the school and the library. The institutions now have 1 GBPS service, five times faster than its previous solution and at a cheaper price than before.


The impact of the significantly faster speeds is being felt throughout the district. The schools are one-to-one, with each student having access to an internet-connected computing device. Gigabit service means all classrooms can connect as needed, without worrying about slow speeds or a crowded connection. It’s allowing for the expanded use of Google Apps for Education.

“Our schools used to struggle with capacity and a poor connection. The expanded bandwidth has allowed us to increase the hands-on use of technology in the classroom district wide and has given our teachers more access to use Google Classroom and other online applications,” said Tony Klaubauf, district administrator at the Denmark School District.

Library patrons are also benefiting with faster speeds allowing them to search and apply for jobs, connect with grandchildren or take online courses This project is a shining example of how public entities and private businesses can work together to improve our communities. Having fiber-fed internet, at this capacity, is unique, especially in a rural school district. This technology not only meets our current needs, but positions us for future growth and technology demands,” said Klaubauf. The award was presented on November 9 by Wisconsin State Superintendent Tony Evers. This project was among eight in the state to receive the honor.


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