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A Message from Mark Nazé, CEO

We believe that each of us plays a critical part in successfully navigating through this highly turbulent situation. Nsight Telservice’s role is to help you stay connected. At a time when our natural reaction is to gather together, hold our loved ones tight and buoy each other up, we must keep a physical distance to avoid further spread of infection. Schools have closed their doors and businesses have moved much of their workforce to telecommuting, yet studies and work must continue. We’re committed to keeping you connected, whether it’s to family, friends, distance learning, business or healthcare.

We’re confident that the robust network we built has adequate capacity to accommodate the growing traffic related to the Covid-19. We monitor network performance 24/7/365 to ensure the best possible experience for our customers. Our engineering team is continually upgrading equipment to meet current and future data demands.

Distance learning and remote working will rely heavily on internet services. Customers on Nsight Telservices’ All-Out internet already receive the fastest internet speed possible at their specific location at no additional charge. Nsight Telservices’ internet product does not have a data cap, so it’s not necessary for us to temporarily remove data caps or waive fees for exceeding your data plan. These are services we offer to our customers every day and are not temporary measures put into place during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nsight Telservices joined the FCC’s ‘Keep America Connected’ pledge to ease your financial worries. If your personal finances have been impacted by Covid-19, we will not disrupt your service due to inability to pay.

We’re continually monitoring the evolving circumstances and will respond as needed to keep you connected.



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