Cellcom Brings Virtual Reality to Local Schools

Wrightstown, WI (October 13, 2016) - Virtual reality gives teachers the power to take their classroom anywhere in the world, fully immersing students in a lesson and allowing them to experience new places and explore new ideas. Cellcom is making it easier for local educators to bring this technology into classrooms. Through its new program, Cellcom is allowing teachers to check out up to 25 smartphones and accompanying virtual reality viewers.

The program officially launched this week and students at Wrightstown Elementary are taking a trip as a part of their reading curriculum.

“October starts our introduction to reading for information. We read many factual pieces, integrating science and social studies along the way,” said Dee Dee Zwicky, third grade teacher at Wrightstown Elementary. “Our class will virtually visit places like the Eiffel Tower, Venice and China to get students interested and engaged with reading about these places and writing about them while creating a report to share.”

Virtual reality has long been used for training and higher education, but the cost of both hardware and software put it out of reach for primary and secondary schools. With the growing availability of low-cost smartphone applications and cardboard virtual reality viewers, Cellcom saw an opportunity to put their technology to use.

“Smartphones have evolved into powerful tools that put a wealth of information and resources at your fingertips. These devices are now bridging another gap, making virtual reality experiences accessible as an educational tool. We are excited to put this technology in the hands of local educators so they can not only engage students in their curriculums, but inspire them with the infinite possibilities of technology,” said Brighid Riordan, director of public affairs and customer experience initiatives.

Twenty classrooms throughout Cellcom’s service area are taking advantage of the program during the 2016-17 school year.


Cellcom is an innovative wireless company that provides nationwide service for its customer base throughout Wisconsin and Michigan, with 60 retail and agent locations. Cellcom is respected for its long-standing reputation of delivering extraordinary customer care, being a strong community partner, and for its renowned network, which is customized to its rural markets. As a subsidiary of Nsight, Cellcom is part of a family of companies offering complete telecommunications services.

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