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A brief look at the history of Nsight.

On March 10, 1910, a group of Pulaski business people met at the local drug store to discuss providing telephone service to their growing community. From that meeting, the Pulaski Merchants and Farmers Telephone Company formed.

The Riordan’s tenure in the company began in 1923, when Daniel E. Riordan was elected to the Board of Directors. His son, Robert E. Riordan, became a full-time employee in 1927.

In the period between 1956 and 1960, dial telephone service was established for the Krakow, Mill Center and Pulaski exchanges. In 1965, we acquired the Oneida Telephone Company. In 1968, our name changed to Northeast Telephone Company to account for the expanded service area. In 1982, Northeast Communications, Inc. was formed as a holding company and Northeast Telephone Company became a subsidiary.

In 1987, we entered the wireless industry with our subsidiary Cellcom. In 1994, NetNet was formed in response to a request by the Pulaski school district to provide Internet service. In 1997, we expanded again by offering landline service to businesses as well as long distance. Soon after that we acquired St. Paul Tower for tower erection and maintenance. The most recent addition to our company occurred in 2007 when Bayland Telephone was acquired.

As the scope of the business grew and our wireless footprint expanded, it became necessary to change our name. We have been operating as Nsight since 1999.

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